BodeTree (pronounced: boh-dee-tree) was founded in 2010 on the premise that small business owners deserve the same access to the tools and insights that big companies enjoy.

Today, BodeTree works to help institutions unlock the power of data when it comes to working with small business customers. Our complete financial management solution allows institutions and small businesses to work together seamlessly by creating a common language: structured, professionalized financial information.



BodeTree operates with the mission of helping small businesses and the partners they work with thrive in a complex world. We simplify the financial management process so small businesses and their partners can focus on building relationships and finding solutions.



1. We Live and Breathe Small Business

We actually like this stuff. We enjoy thinking about it, talking about it, and working with the people who make it possible.

2. We Believe Enlightenment is in Reach

The best companies are the ones that are run by entrepreneurs who understand their business well enough to manage from the gut. We call this business enlightenment, and believe it’s a skill that can be learned.

3. We Serve the Fortune 5 Million

The needs of small businesses have been neglected for too long. We believe that small businesses deserve products and services that are designed for their unique needs.

4. We Keep it Simple

We believe that if you can’t explain something simply, you probably don’t understand it. That’s why all of our products get you the answers and insights you need in the most simple and elegant way possible.

5. We Believe Your Trust is Earned Every Day

Above all else, we promise to be honest and transparent. You are our trusted partner, and we will always treat you as such.



Chris Myers

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Ankrum

Co-Founder & Chairman

Ben Youngblood

Chief Technology Officer

Julie Marchese

Office Manager

Braden Schlueter

UX Designer

James Quigley

Software Engineer

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