BT Ventures

BT Ventures is always on the lookout for emerging, growth-oriented brands that need capital, expertise, and a scalable team to bring their concept to the franchise market. With BT Ventures, founders can see their creation realize their ambitions without risking any capital.

We’re looking for a few good brands

Turning your business into a franchise concept on your own can be a complex, expensive, and risky endeavor. At BT Ventures, our mission is to partner with the best brands to enable them to succeed without the founders having to take on excessive risk.

If a brand passes our rigorous vetting process, we’ll invest the necessary capital (anywhere from $250,000 to $1,000,000) to create a top-notch franchisor entity, of which the concept founder will own a generous equity stake.

Then, we’ll utilize everything that BodeTree has to offer to scale the business rapidly, creating significant value for the founder and all equity holders.

With BT Ventures, concept founders maintain control of their corporate stores while participating in the upside of franchising, all without having to risk any capital.

What You Get


Creating a successful franchisor entity costs a lot of money. It is not simply the upfront expenditures to create a legal framework, but all the additional outlays to develop proper processes and systematization, to strategically position the company, to create potent marketing and launch collateral, and to put in effective financial, operational and compliance controls. This is all before you must invest in sales development personnel, candidate lead generation and customer support. BT Ventures handles all the investment, for every aspect of the entity.

Franchise without Risk

As concept owner, you participate in the upside of the value creation BT Ventures delivers with none of the capital risk. BT Ventures has expertise in every aspect of a franchisor business – which we will utilize to achieve success for your concept starting day one. Instead of taking months and months, maybe years, you can be growing your network and winning in the marketplace before any of your competitors even know what hit them.

The BodeTree Difference

BT Ventures’ team has decades of franchise experience, but what really sets us apart is our expertise in diverse areas such as strategy, investment management, marketing, software development and process systematization. Every great concept is unique and should be treated as such – our core belief is that to optimize the value of a concept, we must customize the strategy for the opportunity


BT Ventures will invest the necessary dollars and time required to make a concept successful


Our partners are strategically and financially aligned with us, so we ensure every concept founder has a material ownership in the new business.

Outsourced Operations

We do the heavy lifting, including process systematization, strategy positioning, support, marketing, sales, controls and legal/compliance. It is all part of our value proposition.


It costs you zero dollars

Our only ask is that you truly partner with us – help us deliver on your concept’s destiny by being a team player, visionary and participant.

We can do this together.

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