capXpro is a simple, easy, and comprehensive solution designed to help franchisees save responsibly for future remodels and other capital expenses.


Every franchisor wants to ensure its brand is well-represented and franchisees have the best chance of succeeding. This starts with the quality of the location and delivering on your customers’ expectations. Unfortunately, ensuring that franchisees save enough money for remodels and other important capital expenditures can be difficult. capXpro solves this problem by offering brands a simple yet comprehensive automated savings tool that provides peace of mind to franchisors and franchisees alike.

End-to-End Solution

With capXpro, a fixed amount is automatically debited from the franchisee’s account on a monthly basis and deposited into a private escrow account. Franchisees can watch their account grow via the capXpro portal and then access the funds at the end of the escrow term. With capXpro, planning for the future has never been easier.

What You Get

System-Wide Monitoring

Franchisors can view their entire system at a glance and monitor the monthly deposits in real-time, helping them plan remodels and other capital expenditures more efficiently.

Monthly ACH Pulls

Saving for the future can be hard, which is why capXpro automates the process with monthly ACH pulls. Each month, the predetermined amount is debited from the franchisee’s business account and socked away.

Private Escrow Accounts

Each franchisee receives a private escrow account that can only be accessed at the end of the designated term, ensuring that money is available when capital expenditures arise.

Private Reporting

With capXpro, franchisees can view their balances, deposits and time to disbursement all from a single dashboard, assuring them that their money is growing and that their savings plan is on track.

The BodeTree Difference

Because of our scale, our escrow partners are able to offer their services at a dramatically reduced price. Coupled with our unparalleled tech-driven transparency, capXpro has become an indispensable service for franchisors and franchisees alike.


Real-time reporting for franchisors and franchisees


Turnkey escrow services at an unbeatable price


Automated ACH pulls for consistency and convenience


Pricing for capXpro is simple and scalable


Initial Setup Fee



Escrow Setup Per Account


Maintenance Per Location:


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