The Role

BodeTree is looking for a Senior Software Engineer to design, develop, and support features across our various web applications and services. We use wide array of tools, including PHP, Node.js, Go, and React. Expertise in these areas is a huge plus.

This position is based in Denver and reports directly to the Chief Technology Officer.


A Typical Week

  • Design and implement a new feature by working with the business and our institutional partners
  • Collaborate with peers to review and provide feedback on pull requests or technical design proposals
  • Help our support team triage and solve bugs
  • Identify code that needs to be refactored (and refactor it!)
  • Contribute to internal tools and infrastructure to help improve our development process


We think the following things are critical to your success as a Senior Engineer:

  • You are curious about how things work
  • You’ve been building complex web applications for 4+ years and can point to past projects you’ve worked on
  • You have experience with multiple functional or imperative programming languages
  • You have experience working on multiple aspects of the software development process — e.g., frontend, backend, database, devops, etc.
  • You are a strong communicator and are able to explain complex technical concepts to designers, support, other engineers, and the business.
  • You write code that is easy to understand, test, and maintain
  • You enjoy onboarding new team members, mentoring, and teaching others
  • When things break — and we all know things break — you are eager and able to help fix them
  • You have strong opinions about software and are comfortable sharing them


Bonus points:

  • Substantial experience with Go, Node.js, and/or React
  • Experience with Docker (triple bonus points for experience/familiarity with Kubernetes)
  • Contributions to open source or work on personal side projects
  • Basic understand of (or interest in) accounting or finance
  • Experience working with banks and other financial institutions

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