BodeTree – Frequently Asked Questions


What is BodeTree?

BodeTree is a comprehensive cloud-based financial management tool that’s built to help improve how your institution serves small business customers.

Getting the right information out of your small business customers, to determine product opportunities, to place a loan, or to monitor risk (covenant monitoring) can be challenging. BodeTree automates the data collection and aggregation process by helping small businesses easily share their financial information with professional reports and highly-efficient and detailed loan applications, which helps your institution de-risk your small business portfolio.

For the small business, BodeTree securely links to bank accounts, credit cards and online accounting information. Financials are automatically calculated and stored (without stress on the small business). SMB’s can take advantage of numerous planning, valuation, and strategy tools to build and track actionable insights and maximize their business performance. Think of it like a CFO-in-a-box, for companies that don’t often have this kind of resource available.


Who Can Use the Platform?

BodeTree is designed to help all small businesses ranging from the well-established and operating businesses to brand new start-ups. The platform customizes by industry code (NAICS) and is built to provide education, insight and action tailored to the SMB’s specific operating state or condition.


How Long Does the Set Up Take?

The setup process takes minutes and provides immediate benefits and feedback with real-time revenue, cash flow and expense tracking, valuation tools, embedded education, and automatic report generation. The best part is that data is not manually entered, ensuring that the platform provides significant benefit, without strain on the business owner.


How Will BodeTree Benefit Your Institution?

Small businesses represent a huge, underserved, and highly lucrative market for financial institutions, but profitably engaging with them is a serious challenge. BodeTree bridges the gap between financial institutions and small businesses by providing otherwise inaccessible financial insights, including:


  • Aggregated financials from all business-related accounts
  • Automatically constructed financial statements (no data entry required)
  • Numerous financial ratios—cash balance, current ratio, quick ratio, profit margin analysis, expenditure analysis, etc
  • Current business valuation and future forecast
  • Business health score based on financial performance
  • Competitive analysis and insights based on similar companies

When combined with smart alerts that notify small businesses and their financial partners when opportunities arise, these tools help small businesses better understand and manage their finances and gives their financial institutions better insight into what products and services will serve them best.


How Will BodeTree Benefit Your Institution’s Small Business Customers?

Small businesses are great at what they do, but they’re not financial experts. BodeTree provides a simple and quick way for SMBs to manage their finances and get real-time feedback on how their business is doing. Providing the tools they need to organize their business properly sets up your institution’s small business customers for success, makes them better customers and helps their business thrive.


Is BodeTree Secure?

Security is a top priority at BodeTree. We use the same security settings as banks and financial institutions. All data is transmitted over SSL using AES-256 bit encryption. BodeTree uses third party testing firms and works with your institution to make sure that security is, and remains a top priority. For more information on security, please contact our support team.


What does deployment look like?

Our mission is to ensure that our financial partners develop deep and lasting relationships with their small business customers and become their trusted advisors. We do this by delivering a world-class product with exceptional customer experience. Deployment is customized for each institution based on their timeline and needs.


What Does The Customer Onboarding Process Look Like?

BodeTree provides a custom-built campaign to engage your small business customers and walk them through the registration process. BodeTree is designed to be accessible to small businesses who aren’t financial experts. It’s quick to setup, requiring minimal information (online banking logins, credit card information and accounting system syncs as relevant). BodeTree’s customer support team is available at every step along the way to ensure customers have a seamless experience.


Who Provides Technical Support In This Partnership?

BodeTree provides complete technical and marketing support for product rollout, including: comprehensive marketing package with fully built engagement campaigns, assistance in technical development and training as required by your team.


What Support Does BodeTree Provide For Ongoing Engagement?

BodeTree provides technical, connectivity and accounting-based support before, during and after rollout. Both online and phone support is available for small business customers.


Users are regularly engaged through in-app messaging that alerts them to new products, opportunities and warnings based on their financial activity and health (which can be customized for your institution). Users also have access to an extensive Education Center with articles, eBooks and online courses from providers like Arizona State University and Forbes.





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