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With Insight, franchisees have access to a fully-automated real-time profit and loss statement that helps them stay organized and provides peer benchmarking to help them run a better business.

Franchisors also have access to system-wide reporting at their fingertips, making item 19 creation and royalty tracking a breeze.




The only fully-automated financial reporting and benchmarking system designed specifically for franchises.


With Insight, there’s no need to rely on difficult and time-consuming software like QuickBooks, or depend on emailing unverified spreadsheets back and forth.

Franchisees simply connect their bank accounts and the system automatically creates a clean, consistent, and dependable income statement.

Franchisees can see how they stack up against others in their system while giving franchisors access to a real-time Item 19 statement and royalty tracking.

What You Get

Automated Real-Time P&L

Automated Real-Time P&L

Up-to-the minute transaction feeds allow Insight to create real-time income statements for franchisees

Peer Comparison

Peer Comparison

Individual owners can compare their performance to others franchisees in the system and adopt best practices.

Real-Time Royalty Tracking

Real-Time Royalty Tracking

Franchisors gain a view into every dollar hitting the franchisee’s bank account, allowing for the easy tracking and verification of royalties.

The BodeTree Difference

Insight is BodeTree’s flagship product, developed over a decade and vetted by some of the nation’s most trusted banks, insurers, and small business experts. Unlike other solutions in the market, Insight was designed to serve both franchisors and franchisees while eliminating the need for additional software or service providers.


Insight pricing is straightforward and simple.

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