You’re a small business owner- you can do it all, but should you? Many small businesses owners choose not to outsource in order to save money. However, outsourcing certain tasks can help your small business become more efficient. In addition, outsourcing certain responsibilities gives you more time to focus on the aspects of the business you enjoy most – increasing the quality of the work, and ultimately leading to higher revenue growth.
Do you outsource any tasks in your small business? Here are three areas where you might consider outsourcing to get started:

When you need expertise.
Having a person with CFO level experience lending a hand a few times a year can do wonders for your business finances. In addition, having an accountant handle bookkeeping tasks can free you to focus on achieving your business goals – not to mention that accountants know
the rules and can keep you out of tax troubles. Other great experts to consider are web designers, graphic artists, and social media experts to help you develop, create, and deploy marketing campaigns.

When a task is repetitive.
Repetitive tasks such as data entry or inventory management can be easily outsourced. For many businesses, especially those reliant on shipping and receiving, benefit greatly from the efficiencies offered by expert logistics companies. Many of these tasks can also be better managed by taking advantage of inexpensive apps or cloud services. For example, apps like Lettuce help you understand how much inventory you have, how much is currently on order, and even what type of box you’ll need to ship it in.

When the task requires specialized knowledge.
The best example of this is IT support. Your IT needs are constantly changing when you update softwares, add new team members, or change over systems. Outsourcing to the right person with the rights skill is a more effective use of your time and money. Running your business in the cloud? Make sure to check with your cloud service provider first – many offer discounted IT support services as part of your cloud computing package.

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