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Financial Institutions

Your small business customers rely on you to be their trusted financial partner. With BodeTree Platform, you can now equip them with the financial tools they need to keep track of their numbers and successfully grow their business. In turn, your institution receives detailed insights into their financial health, wallet share, lending viability, and much more.

With BodeTree Platform You Can

  • Request real-time financial statements and reports from your small business customers
  • Track relevant customer details in one place, including financial health, loan applications and covenant monitoring
  • Receive up-to-the-minute insights into small business’ wallet share, making sure no opportunities are lost to a competitor
  • Provide quality engagement opportunities by recommending relevant and timely products and services
  • Automate the loan application process and reduce manual information tracking

Small Business Services

Small business owners are busy. That’s why you make finding the right small business services—quality insurance, access to capital, and much more—quick and easy. BodeTree Platform helps you further engage with your small business customers throughout the year by providing financial management support, educational content and ongoing insights into their business health.

With BodeTree Platform You Can

  • Provide CFO-style services as a resource for all of your small businesses with no added work for your institution
  • Stay top of mind with your small business customers through ongoing brand awareness and engagement
  • Provide relevant product and service recommendations based on business growth

Community Development Services

As a CDFI, you work tirelessly to provide funding opportunities to help your small businesses grow. With BodeTree Platform, you can now provide sophisticated financial management services, and streamline the funding and technical assistance process, all while meeting regulatory requirements.

With BodeTree Platform You Can

  • Equip your small business borrowers with a financial management system that aggregates all of their financial data in one place, no manual data entry required
  • Provide educational material to help support their financial development during and after the life of the loan
  • Monitor their current performance to make sure they are on a track for success, allowing you to reach out and re-direct their efforts in real-time


BodeTree Platform automates the bookkeeping process for your entire franchisee system, providing both franchisees and franchisors with a real-time view into the health of each unit. Our one-of-a-kind data analytics engine makes it easy to develop a culture of transparency and accountability throughout your entire system.  By providing powerful, in-the-trenches support for your franchisees, you can spot potential issues before they get out of hand and spot previously hidden opportunities for expansion

With BodeTree Platform You Can

  • Sell more franchises with proper financial expectations
  • Empower franchisees with the knowledge needed to grow their businesses faster and more efficiently
  • Improve royalty collection accuracy & timeliness
  • Improve franchise relations
  • Reduce support costs & resolution time

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