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There are a lot of reasons why a franchise sale can fall through, but for qualified candidates, the inability to access capital should never be one of them.

Unfortunately, the funding process is a painful one for many franchisees. Banks and other traditional lenders tend to move slowly and have time-intensive underwriting processes, frustrating franchisee candidates and franchisors alike.

With Seed, this painful and time-consuming process is reduced from months to mere days. Here’s how we do it.

Funding made easy

Seed begins and ends with the franchisor. Our team of finance professionals dig into a brand to understand what makes it tick. From unit economics to management history, no stone is left unturned. This information is then used to create a comprehensive ZorScore report.

From there, the ZorScore report is presented to our network of funding providers and used to secure a commitment for the brand. In short, funding partners pre-approve the brand and agree to a quick underwriting process.

Finally, franchisors receive a branded online funding portal for potential franchisees. Candidates walk through a simple application that is then submitted to our funding network to find the best financing option for their credit profile.

What you get

ZorScore Report

Acceptance into Funding Network

Branded Funding Application

The BodeTree Difference

Unlike other funding companies, Seed puts the franchisor at the center of the process and leverages BodeTree’s technological resources to provide an unprecedented level of transparency and efficiency.

Seed helps brands stand out in a crowded marketplace by taking the uncertainty out of the funding process.


Seed charges a one-time fee for the creation of the ZorScore report.

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