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The VelocityFD team leverages years of franchise sales experience and deep broker relationships to provide substantial growth opportunities for franchisors.

In addition to driving sales, we work hand in hand with franchise concepts to craft the branding, marketing, and process to launch or relaunch concepts into the market.

Your development team, delivered

Each client is different, and our services are tailored to their specific needs. Whether you’re an emerging brand, entering into a period of rapid growth, or maintaining an established market position, Velocity has the team for you.

Sales Process Development

Velocity will develop a comprehensive sales process, including pitch decks, talking points and economic models, all under the guidance of our experienced team of professionals.

Sales Managers

Sales managers provide the second touch point for an interested lead. Their job is to introduce the brand in more detail, provide an overview of the opportunity, and answer general questions about the opportunity. Sales managers also serve as the day-to-day resource for candidates, providing materials and support as needed.

Lead Qualifiers

Lead qualifiers sift through all of the leads that are generated for a brand and respond quickly to each inquiry, whether via email, phone, live chat, or text. If the lead meets the Franchisor’s criteria, the lead qualifier prepares the lead for a more in-depth conversation with the sales team.

Account Executives

Account executives are the seasoned professionals who are responsible for answering the tough questions and ultimately closing the deal. It is the account executive who will facilitate the economic review, validation process, and discovery day.

The BodeTree Difference

In addition to a receiving a dedicated sales team, every Velocity client gains access to the entire suite of shared services found under the BodeTree umbrella.

While other development companies look to you to provide the tools and resources necessary for them to sell, Velocity can draw on a talented team of software developers, designers, marketers, writers, and strategists to help you achieve your sales goals.

Our Services


Web development, Software integrations, & Advisory


Graphic design, Web design, & User experience support


Copywriting, Media representation, & Branding


Market positioning, Value engineering, & Growth planning


Pro-forma creation, Financial modeling, & Funding support


Process development, Operations manuals, & General consulting


Velocity operates on a retainer plus commission basis.

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